When facebook ads are better than linkedIn


So you know your audience. If your customers are businesses, you know that around 40% of them have active facebook accounts, and probably, over 80% have linkedIn accounts. That’s some piece you would want to work on. You look at the CPC options in both your advertising mediums. You realize that while a facebook click can cost you around INR 20, a linkedIn click starts at INR 120. How do you take the call?

I would be fooling you in saying that there is any way out other than a test trial on both. But here are the pointers which should help you decide on how much experimentation is enough before giving up on a medium.

Challenging the linkedIn myth

I often hear that cost economics are not a driving force behind an ad campaign. The real impact is seen in terms of the effective increase in brand perception as well. LinkedIn is perceived to be the best way to reach out to business audience. Here is my question to you: Is it?

LinkedIn ads are placed in the most easily ignorable corners of the screen. The people who engage on linkedIn on a regular basis are either the HRs, marketing executives looking for leads or middle managers or beginners looking for job opportunities.

LinkedIn itself does not want you to monetize on linkedIn ads. Check their ad specifications here.

A 50X50 image is too small to attract attention especially when hushed into a corner. or the feelers, linkedIn profile image is bigger than that ad image. And the profile image is the smallest image size anywhere else on the entire platform.

That said, I think linkedIn is more about collaborative working. This means, if you really want to use linkedIn, get a premium account and use those in-mails. This step immediately removes mass reach as the target of linkedIn advertising. The targeting options can be very precisely set and the data points are mostly more reliable.

If your ticket size is big and your marketing-to-sales conversions are high, then it just might be a lucrative option for you. In all other cases, feel free to experiment. Since you can pay on CPC model, chances are, you will not lose much before realising whether or not the medium works for your business.

Facebook might just be a star

Since the post takes an extreme view on linkedIn, it would be justified to start with the turn-offs of facebook ads. As a platform connecting people to personalized gossip, some marketers feel it does not form a good platform for business related promotions. At this I ask, a business person remains a business person, right? If she sees something relevant for the business, even in a discotheque, they would pick it up!

The start off point in terms of cost is highly adjustable. While the targeting options seem extensive, there are major pitfalls in terms of the accuracy of those options. For instance, if I like a Digital marketing page, because it is owned by my friend’s sister, that does not make me someone interested in Digital marketing. With the rush to increase page likes, brands resort to a lot of promotions, which leave them with as high as 90% irrelevant page likers. This pattern, replicated across categories means the facebook targeting goes haywire.

That said, I put my bet on facebook. Over time, across campaigns, even though it may not be as sharply targeted as linkedIn, it helps reach out to potentially greater relevant audience. The cost economics make more sense and the remarketing to existing audience, through a combination of posts, ads and videos in all formats, sizes and places, makes it a more alluring option.

What is your take? Share your experiences below. Reach out to us at thedigittale<at>gmail<dot>com to get your marketing strategy audit.